Composers’ Festival

We bring New Music!

The Composers’ Festival is the annual festival of the graduating composition students of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

The 2017 edition includes 6 concerts with a rich variety of pieces and genres, that is chamber music, music theatre, organ and electronic music, as well as contemporary jazz music. The majority of the festival’s pieces are premieres.

The composers in focus in 2017 are Brechtje, Siying Li, Marcelo Chacur Politano, Carmen Vanderveken, Boris Bezemer and Tijmen van Tol. The festival hosts more than 20 pieces written by 15 composers and performed by more than 100 artists. The festival takes place on 11-14/5 in the Bernhard Haitinkzaal and the Theaterzaal, located in the building of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Splendor, the School for Theatre and Dance, the Orgelpark and Het Veem Werkgebouw / Toets des Tijds.

Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Composition Department
Artistic and production coordination: Thanasis Deligiannis

About Thanasis Deligiannis

Composer | Performer | Stage director