Working with Dimitris Papaioannou / Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch

Quite honoured and rather excited to be involved with Dimitris Papaioannou‘s new creation at Tanztheater Wuppertal, Pina Bausch‘s legendary company. The piece will be premiered in May 2018 and will have a world tour throughout the year.

TTW photo julian 4

photo by Julian Mommert

During the first workshop in August 2017 I had the chance to meat the entire company; all its dancers, and the team running Tanztheater Wuppertal. Next to being part of the creating team, my interest is to observe how Papaioannou works; how he collaborates with his team; how he organises his rehearsal time; how he evolves material and ideas; how he designs and develops working methods; what is his approach towards space and time – or timing.


Dimitris Papaioannou, photo by Thanasis Deligiannis

Papaioannou’s work is actually composing with elements such as bodies in space, light and sound, very close in its core to the work of a composer. His latest piece The Grate Tamer is a composition of scenic material, ideas in space and time, put together in a way that is both abstract (thus leaving space for the audience to actively interpret the performance), but as well clear in intensions, communicative and triggering a substantial counterpoint of emotions.

TTW photo by Julian Mommert

Julie-Anne Stanzak, photo by Julian Mommert

TTW photo thanasis 1

photo by Thanasis Deligiannis


photo by Julian Mommert


photo by Thanasis Deligiannis

TTW photo julian 1

Breanna O’Mara, photo by Julian Mommert


photo by Julian Mommert

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More workshops and material to follow throughout the season of 2017/18. Let’s have this trip begin!


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