Spr!tzl Tage

I/O has been selected for Spr!tzl Tage 2018! Spr!tzl is a studio for improbable artforms founded by Silbersee in 2018. I/O is taking part with the project re-, in collaboration with Gaudeamus and the Nieuwe Makers subsidy. During Spr!tzl Tage 2018, which will take part on July 4th at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, I/O will present re- (1st draft); a first tryout of this performance, the premiere of which is set in spring 2019. I am taking part in this context as the maker and performer of re-, working together with a wonderful team of artists and the support that Spr!tzl offers.

re- (1st draft) takes the audience to a night bar of a distant land. The stage is ready to host the show, the shiny clothes and the microphones are in place, waiting for the audience. re- (1st draft) is a distorted comeback of a childhood memory and a surrealistic concert in the head of a singer.

Thanasis Deligiannis | concept, direction, performance
Euripides Laskaridis | artistic collaboration
Roelof Pothuis | set & light design
David Jonas | creative coding, robotics
Marlou Breuls | costume design
Marko Ivic | sound assistance
Danai Belosinof | production assistance

Romain Bischoff | artistic direction advice
Juliette van Ingen | movement advice
Wouter Snoei | sound design advice


About Thanasis Deligiannis

Composer | Performer | Stage director

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