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THIEVES is a music theatre performance about the sound of stories; of things that got stolen, things we wouldn’t like to get stolen, things we would like to steal. Next to personal stories by the ensemble and the audience, there is a set of fictional ones, making the performance a fantasy about thieves. The music accompanies, dictates or even becomes the narration itself.

THIEVES could also be seen as a composed theatre performance. Sound is in focus when the musicians play their instruments, when they talk, when they move on stage. The action is minimal, so does the music and the texts. All parts of the performance are an effort to move on.

There is a strict code, which the six performers rather fail to follow, while being dressed in ambiguous work uniforms; they could be employees in an office, a hospital, a cleaning company, a supermarket. THIEVES doesn’t follow a narrative, balancing between a level of abstraction found in contemporary music and the immediacy that theatrical tools can bring on stage.

Did anybody ever steal anything from you?
Is there something you wouldn’t like to be stolen from you?
How would people call you if you were a thief?


Thanasis Deligiannis, stage direction and composition
Roelof Pothuis, set and light design
Dorien de Jonge, costume design

Jellantsje de Vries, violin
Klaasje Nieuwhof, flute/bass flute
Anna voor de Wind, clarinet
Hugo Smit, cello
Rachel Xi Zhang, vibraphone
Pascal Meyer/Katerina Konstantourou, piano

Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht
Tivoli Vredenburg | Cloud Nine
11 September 2016


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