List of Works


__ENA ENA, cross-over performance for voice, violin, keyboards, drums (2021)
__μ, for violin, double bass, trombone, tuba, percussion, piano and electronics (2020)
__re- (1st & 2nd drafts), cross-over performance devised by I/O (2018-19)
__ALICE, performative installation devised by I/O (2017)
__The Moon Is Electric, music theatre performance for one to six speaking performers; conductor, pianist, trombonist, harpist, clarinetist (one or two performers) (2017)
Text: A. Minou
__THIEVES, music theatre performance for violin, flute/bass flute, cello, clarinet, piano, percussion (2016)
Text: Audience, the Internet, Looptail, Th. Deligiannis
__I/Orgel, an I/O collaborative project for organs, 2 voices, violin and live electronics (2016)
__Lovyrinths, for 2 voices, saxophone, violin, electric guitar, organs, harmonium, 2 pianos (2014)
Text: A. Minou
__The Grief of Eurydice: where does she go?, for recorder, violone, harpsichord, dancer and narrator, a staged performance of baroque and contemporary music under the direction of M. Suzuki (2013)
Text: fragments by Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheo
__I/Omusic theatre performance for flute, clarinet, electric guitar, harp, percussion, piano, violin, double bass, live electronics and 2 tennis players, devised by Thanasis Deligiannis, Roelof Pothuis, George Dumitriu and Kieran Klaassen (2013)
__Sound of Protest, for video, live electronics and performer, in collaboration with Ji Youn Kang (live electronics) (2011)
Text: Th. Deligiannis
__Grief of Eurydice, for soprano, recorder, baroque violin, baroque viola, baroque cello, harpsichord, positive organ and dancers, a collective interdisciplinary opera under the direction of M. Suzuki (2011)
Text: fragments from Sappho, Plato and Orphic hymns
__The Meal, for two performers, in collaboration with E. Theou (2011)
Text research and collage: E. Theou, Th. Deligiannis
__Adrastea, for 2 actors, 3 female singers, 3 children, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, -harpsichord and percussion (2010)
Text: A. Minou

Chamber music 

__EKINOS, for violin, cello and bajan (2018)
__…while they were watching…, for 15 musicians (2014)
Satyrcrash, for large intercultural ensemble (2012)
__putridity and the vortex of shallow reciprocations, for 3 recorder players, bass clarinet and 2 percussionists (2012)
Text: fragments from Dimitris Dimitriadis’ book I die as a country
__Harpyia, for harpsichord, baroque violin, baroque cello and alto saxophone (2010)
Text: Th. Deligiannis
__Yriaeas, for flute, oboe/english horn, clarinet/bass clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone and double bass (2010)
__Emmeni, for piano, piccolo, horn, trombone, viola and double bass (2009)
__Synaxi, for flute, oboe, clarinet, percussion, mandolin, guitar, harp, violin, viola, cello and double bass (2009)
__Lefkipi, for speaking pianist, alto flute, bass clarinet and string quartet (2008)
Text: Th. Deligiannis
__I was hunting, but I didn’t know, for flute, bass clarinet, violin, double bass and percussion (2008)
__An island mother, for piano, flute, clarinet and bassoon (2007)
based on a poem by V. Amanatides


__Far away or close enough, for automated organs, recorded voice and field recordings (2021)
Text: A. Minou
__Prayers of Incompetence,
for 5 voices, automated organ and field recordings (2020)
__a bit unfair
, for 5 female recorder players/singers (2017)
Text: I. Camhis
Wait, I’ll – 5 incidents, for mezzo-soprano, flute, harpsichord and 2 percussionists (2015)
Text: A. Minou, street recordings
__ΛΕΣ, for female voice, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, harp, vibraphone, violin, viola, cello (2015)
Text: A. Minou
__Wet eyes Marina / Dry eyes me, for piano-speaker, violin and trombone (2014), in collaboration with 7090
Text: V. Amanatidis
Ignored Manuals, for soprano, 2 mezzo-sopranos and 2 baritones (2012), revised as well for soprano, mezzo-soprano, countertenor, tenor, baritone and bass (2013)
Text: A. Minou and Rumi
__Une prière, for female voice, lupophon, 2 vibraphones, 2 celli, harp and positive organ (2011), revised as well for english horn instead of lupophon (2014)
Text: fragments from D. Dimitriadis’ book I die as a country
__Aprothymos, for voice (2009)
Text: Th. Deligiannis
__Ino, for 2 female voices, piano, violin and 2 percussionists (2007)
Text: Th. Deligiannis
__Dionysus, for 7 voices and large ensemble (2006)
Text: Th. Deligiannis
__Epoasi, for string orchestra and women’s chorus (2006)


__What Will Happen, for hyperorgan (2020)
__Communicational Entropy
, for solo piano (2005)
__Fairy Tales, for solo piano (2001)


__Ariadne: where are you, brother, I have your pills, short film (2008)
__The Lake, electronics (2004)