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We bring New Music!

The Composers’ Festival is the annual graduation platform of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam’s composition students.

The 2020 edition had to go online due to the corona-related social distancing measures in the Netherlands. Chamber and electronic music, interactive and collective pieces, interdisciplinary and multimedia video works, are all put together in five streamed episodes aired between the 19th & 31st of May on After each episode the audience is invited to the After Party for Q&As with the composers, DJ sets, and much more.

The composers in focus in 20120 are Paul Maurice Dekker, Dimitri Geelhoed, Alberto Granados Reguilón, Frieda Gustavs, Andrea Guterres, Melle Heij, Jasmine Karimova, Francisca Martins, Pole Requesens Roca, Chonglian Yu.

The wonderful website is designed by Robert Finkei and developed by Jakub Medvecky-Heretik.

Check the composition departments’ facebook page and youtube channel!

Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Composition Department
Festival coordination: Thanasis Deligiannis

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