ALICE is a performative installation, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s book Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, in which you yourself are both observer and performer. Together with a small group of ‘spect-actors’, you find yourself in a transreal environment where the physical and virtual worlds gaze at each other. What is real in this world that holds a mirror up to your face? Did you dream the same dream as others did?

The project was commissioned by Gaudeamus and devised by I/O in the context of the Nieuwe Makers subsidy by the Performing Arts Fund NL. It took the team about 6 months of scattered workshops and tryouts with invited audience to develop the concept and the installation itself. The interaction among the disciplines (sound, scenography, lights, coding, video, live performance) took place throughout the process, combining artistic practices and ideas. ALICE was premiered at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2017 as a 30′-long performance, performed 20 times.

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Devising by I/O
Thanasis Deligiannis, artistic direction & sound
Roelof Pothuis, set & light design
David Jonas, creative coding
Daan Hazendonk, sound & video technician
Clare Gallagher, sound advisor

Visit the project’s website at
Here you can read an article on NRC about ALICE.


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Composer | Sound Designer | Stage Director | Performer
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