ENA ENA is a hallucinatory, dreamlike recreation of a Greek nightclub from the 1980s. Several classics from the Greek klarina (clarinet) tradition can be heard in a microtonal amalgam. Waiters watch over singers. Nothing is what it seems. One of the maker’s profoundly personal memories unfolds into an ambiguous exploration of boundaries, memory and transformations. ENA ENA means ‘one by one’ in Greek, but also stands for the intermediary: between man and woman, between child and adult, between spectator and participant.

I had the luck to work with an extraordinary team in an adventurous setting. Putting together Greek traditional & electronic music, improvisation & performative elements, this piece is a hybrid between a concert, a theatre performance and an installation.

Thanasis Deligiannis | concept, stage direction, sound design, performance
Natasa Tsakiridou | voice
George Dumitriu | violin
Kaja Draksler | keyboards
Onno Govaert | drums
Roelof Pothuis | set & light design
Yannis Michalopoulos | dramaturgy
Vasiliki Sourri | costume design
Danai Belosinof | assistant director & production assistance
Kostas Chaikalis | audio engineer
Konstantinos Margkas | technical director & light technician
David Jonas | creative coder
Frank van der Weij | project development
Elia Kalogianni & Yorgos Kyvernitis | photos, teaser, registration

Tickets & Info at www.iiiooo.io

ENA ENA is created and produced by I/O and co-produced by the Onassis Stegi and Gaudeamus. With the support by the Fonds Podiumkunsten, the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, the Onassis Stegi “Outward Turn” program, the Norma Fonds, Source Elements, Het Motorblok and George Ignatides.

About Thanasis Deligiannis

Composer | Sound Designer | Stage Director | Performer
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