Sound of Protest

A protest is a soundscape. It is a reaction to what oppresses us. It is a political action, as every human is a political being.

Sound of Protest is an interdisciplinary performance based on the varied protest sounds among nations. The basic part of the performance is a video/sound installation. The video material derives exclusively from YouTube videos that have been uploaded during the last 18 months; from Arabian Spring to the Dutch demonstrations for the cuts on the arts, from anti-nuclear Japan to the Greek protests and street fights.

The diversities and similarities and the need of each culture to find its own way of protesting become spotlighted. The action of protest is re-enacted and reformed through a global journey of protest sounds: chanting, screaming, singing, using loudspeakers, breaking glass, throwing stones or marching in silence.

At the middle of the piece a short interview with the audience takes place as well. The performer asks questions like what would you like to change?, what is your sound of protest?. The audience’s answers are getting recorded and are given back edited through live electronics, creating a musical protest-like soundscape.

The performance finishes with a climax in which the videos are getting their maximum size, the live electronics mix with the videos’ protest sounds and the performer becomes part of the projection while using a loudspeaker and numerous flyers are thrown to the audience.

The performance was premiered in Yo! Opera Festival 2011 in Utrecht and it was being performed 4-6 times each day of the festival.

Thanasis Deligiannis
concept, video, performance

Ji Youn Kang
live electronics programming

About Thanasis Deligiannis

Composer | Sound Designer | Stage Director | Performer
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